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Need to Clear Your Head?

January 19, 2018 | By Bradley Real Estate

Taking a drive to the coast is always rejuvenating. We’re thinking of two trips that can take you far enough outside the day-to-day to provide wholesome and invigorating experiences. 

How about a drive to Sea Ranch, if you haven’t been there before or in a while? Condominium 1 is the first unit in this Pacific Coast complex. Built in 1965 by architects Charles W. Moore, Donlyn Lyndon, William Turnbull, Jr., and Richard Whitaker (the MLTW Partnership) on three acres, it is one of the most significant architectural designs of the 1960s, and it’s in our midst.

The complex of 10 units was designed to appear as a single structure, inspired by the barns and farm buildings of the area. Once you’ve taken in the weathered redwood structures, you can walk along the bluffs above the ocean for miles if you like. There are multiple access points to the beaches below. And  along the sea walk you’ll see the weathered redwood homes that dot the bluffs—all adhering to the design regulations of Sea Ranch. 

 If you want a less windy walk, you can take a trip with the kids to Fort Ross.

Fort Ross Chapel

Fort Ross sits above a cove at 19005 Coast Highway, in Jenner. This is a good one to visit with children of all ages, since the fort was built in 1812 by the Russians when they were developing settlements from Alaska and southward. The house that was built by the last Fort administrator, Alexander Rotchev, in 1836 is still standing, and the other buildings are exact replicas of what was there in those days, including the first windmill in California and a Greek Orthodox chapel.

The fort is only open to the public Friday – Monday (closed Tuesday – Thursday).